A pure Adventure & Cultural Motorcycle Experience in Asia

Our Asian motorcycle trips will take you on extraordinary adventures on the highest motorable roads and Into the Thin Air of the Indian Himalayas, or high up with your Head Above the Clouds in Nepal.

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We're here for look even you from start to finish.

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From our own exploring and research, giving quality of riding top priority, we create unusual and pioneering routes to offer a unique experience through magnificent

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While on board with us, you can leave your worries behind, we’ll look after everything.

Why ride with us

Traveling by motorcycle is our passion and our aim is to give you a great touring experience, supported by years of relevant expertise.

Biking is better shared

It’s not just about booking a trip with us. When you come with Motorcycle Expeditions, you join a community.

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Ride beyond your dreams

At Motorcycle Expeditions, we run hassle free guided motorcycle adventures designed to give you the space to enjoy the ride of your dreams and then some.
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Great opportunity for adventure & travels

Safety first always

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