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Nakul Sharma Photography

For me, in every photo there is a story to narrate. It must convey a strong message to the viewers.
Nakul Sharma, Traveler and Photographer by profession, born and brought up in Delhi, grew up infected by the travel bug and spends most of his time on travel and photography, working as a free-lance Tour Leader with reputed Travel Agencies in India. He has been traveling since 2009, exploring and experiencing the most beautiful, cultural and adventure places of the world.

I am living my dreams of traveling with my camera, that allows me to capture the hidden and the most astonishing beauty of the world. With my grown up age I realized that my life is meant for traveling and with passage of time I mixed it up with my photography passion. My life is now presented in terms of composition, saturation, lenses, colors and travelogue.

I believe in sharing my travel experiences and explorations through my photos. For me, in every photo there is a story to narrate. It must convey a strong message to the viewers. I click to define my all travelogues and promote conservation of Nature and Culture Heritage. All these pictures are about variety of cultures, places and people coexisting in one BIG WORLD. I love to encourage the young generation to travel and live beyond their dreams. I always try to bring a vista of nature and culture through my lens.

I believe the only Difference between a photographer and common man is a way to see the world, an eye to see the beauty beyond normal things and expand the belief of what is possible. For me, travel and photography simplify Freedom, like stripping down to just MYSELF.

“Happiness is only real when shared” ~ by Christopher McCandless. #intothewild
He also maintained that anyone can explore and experience the beauty of the world through someone else’s eye.
His work is widely known and featured on websites and he has won a number of photo contests in the last few years.


CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year 2016Third Prize winner on motifcollective.com, June 2016First and Third prize winner in the India Photography Awards, April 2016Photo published in “The Spirit of the Mountains” book, Germany 2015Winner of The Lonely Planet India Travelogue Photo contest, 2015Solo exhibition at Rendez-vous, Manali, India 2015Winner of Photography Award at viewbug.com, 2015Special Recognition from viewbug.com, 2015First Prize winner on motifcollective.com, June 2015Winner of Kaleidoscope India Photography contest, 2013Exhibited at Delhi Photography Club exhibition, India Habitat Centre 2013Runner-up of Singapore Travel Photo contest, December 2012Winner of The Footmark Travel Photography contest, 2012Exhibited at National Geographic International Mountain Summit, Italy 2012

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